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am delighted that you are here and desirous of improving your health and well-being! As a student of health and nutrition for more than 20 years and a Certified Wellness Coach, I know that food can heal and sustain the body or damage and destroy it. Plant-based foods and particularly raw foods–raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains–contain the necessary enzymes, vitamins, phytochemicals, fiber, and minerals to nourish and replenish the body's cells. On the other hand, processed foods, which are subjected to excessive heat and often contain noxious additives, preservatives, and chemicals, lack adequate nutrient content; consequently, eating such foods does not enable the body to function optimally and disease-free. 

Hippocrates stated, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” With this prudent counsel in mind, determine today to alter your lifestyle and pursue vibrant health. Whether you wish to adopt a 100% plant-based or raw regimen, tweak your current diet, or address specific health concerns, I am zealous to empower you with the tools to experience vitality.

Cheers to health and wellness!
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