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Want Healthy Hair and Skin? Take Biotin!!!

No one wants scaly skin and brittle, coarse hair. We all desire a smooth, glowing complexion and soft, manageable locks. And this applies to men as well. Even though they may feign indifference, today’s metrosexuals want it look beautiful too! While various factors contribute to healthy skin and hair, a biotin-rich diet is one of them.  

Biotin, also called vitamin H or B7, is a member of the B complex group of vitamins. As a coenzyme, it enables enzymes that catalyze biochemical reactions vital to health and wellness to function properly.

The body requires biotin to metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids for fuel. Accordingly, the coenzyme plays an integral role in the Krebs Cycle, which generates energy through ATP (a cell’s main energy source) production. Gluconeogenesis, a process that converts amino acids into glucose for energy, also necessitates biotin. Moreover, the coenzyme helps facilitate the synthesis of fatty acids, which produce ATP. 

As biotin helps the body process proteins and manufacture fatty acids, it consequently promotes healthy hair, which protein constitutes, and skin, which comprises three proteins (keratin, collagen, and elastin) and fat. 

If you want to avoid losing your hair, from that atop your head to that upon your eyes, and showcasing an alligator-like complexion, consume biotin! In a highly regarded study, participants regularly ate raw egg whites to create a biotin deficiency, as raw egg whites contain a protein–avidin–that prevents biotin’s absorption in the body. Subsequently, the participants’ hair thinned and lost its color. Participants also became inflicted with dermatitis. Researchers observed neurological disorders as well. Similar findings resulted in a study involving infants deprived of biotin. The babies developed a scaly, red rash around their eyes, noses, and mouths and lost their hair. Two infants’ eyebrows and eyelashes even fell out.  

Biotin’s ability to specifically improve hair texture and appearance is corroborated by another study involving a family experiencing uncombable hair syndrome, a condition characterized by unruly and brittle hair. The research indicated that study participants experienced a drastic improvement in hair appearance following systematic biotin supplementation, an improvement that was sustained even two years after the study’s completion.

Evidently, biotin is requisite to overall well-being and particularly useful to support beauty naturally. Fortunately, intestinal bacteria manufacture the coenzyme. Still, various foods contain it, such as Swiss chard, romaine lettuce, almonds, and egg yolk. You can also buy biotin supplements from health food and vitamin supplement stores. 

Keep your hair and skin beautiful with biotin!

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