Kiri Cole

Making you healthier one meal at a time 


Kiri has been studying and researching health and nutrition for 20 years. She has read the works of raw food pioneers, such as Dr. Norman Walker, including such titles as Fresh Fruits and Vegetable JuicesDiet and SaladColon Health, and many others. She has also studied books by contemporary health authorities, such as David Wolfe's Eating for Beauty, and Andreas Mortiz’s Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, to name a few. All of these world-renowned authors and others support the fundamental principle of consuming raw foods or those closest to their natural state. Through the years, Kiri has found their philosophies true and effective, the means by which to attain true health.

In addition to her background in health, Kiri loves fitness and fashion. An avid runner for nearly two decades, Kiri has found that physical activity perfectly complements her raw food lifestyle, providing a means to effectively decompress and create balance. Additionally, Kiri’s passion for fashion compelled her to pursue a modeling career. Kiri did so successfully, shooting campaigns for various companies, such as Reebok and Sony, and for publications, as Glamour and Vibe. After several years modeling, Kiri discovered, however, that she desired a more fulfilling and impactful vocation. She decided to focus solely on health and more specifically on holistic nutrition consulting, the area in which Kiri knew she could serve others best.  

Kiri took time off during the years she modeled to earn a Bachelor's degree in business from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School and then an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Furthermore, she is a certified wellness coach, CWC, and regularly contributes health articles to Black Working Man Magazine

Kiri resides in Los Angeles. She provides personal health and wellness consulting services to those in the Southern California area and elsewhere throughout the country.