Kiri Cole

Making you healthier one meal at a time 

The Catalyst

My journey began at age 15 when my ballet teacher suggested that I lose a few pounds. Though she tried to deliver this message tactfully, I felt mortified and embarrassed. Of course, I started eating fat-free foods. What else would a teenager do? After all, I could lose weight, supposedly, while still enjoying fat-free cinnamon rolls and cookies. This route appeared sound and seemed to provide a viable solution; however, those processed, artificially-enhanced products would have ultimately undermined my health.

My mom rescued me. She gave me specific books to read about health and nutrition to approach the situation in a sensible and effective way. Once I read the books and discovered the shocking, deleterious effects on the body of eating cooked and processed foods, I revamped my diet, adhering to a raw food regimen.  

I reaped numerous benefits from this diet. I lost weight permanently! Yes!! Goal achieved! Plus, I almost never became ill and experienced greater energy and vitality. Also, my skin improved drastically, my hair grew longer and thicker, and my body functioned efficiently.

The Problem and the Miracle

Although my skin improved, I continued to suffer from body acne, unsightly pimples that covered my back, shoulders, and chest at the most inopportune times. Since I spent many years modeling, this problem cost me thousands of dollars, as I had to retouch countless photos, not to mention the embarrassment I experienced when wearing a garment that exposed the pimples and the dark scars that were left in their wake.  

I visited numerous dermatologists throughout the country. The doctors told me my problems were hereditary and due to the synthetic fibers in my workout clothes. They instructed me to wash and scrub with a plethora of soaps and to rub two, three, or even five different creams and ointments into my skin. It was a fight! In desperation, I even took pills and medications. Nevertheless, nothing cured my condition. No one in the medical profession could resolve my issues, no one from coast to coast!! 

Finally, after I had battled with this issue for nearly 14 years, a self-taught nutritionist and Chinese herbalist gave me the answer. Though I followed an excellent diet, my body still lacked certain nutrients to operate optimally. The nutritionist recommended that I incorporate eastern medicinal herbs and mushrooms into my diet, all of which are derived from natural, organic sources. I also started eating fermented foods and drinking fermented beverages, which enhance digestion, facilitate colon health, and much more. Needless to say, my acne troubles ceased!! No more breakouts or scarring!!   


I am free, thanks to my raw-food lifestyle and Chinese herbology. I do not count calories. I do not weigh my food. I do not suffer from any ailments. I eat early, and only when I am actually hungry, and stop when I am full. That is it! And I take my herbs, of course. I eat well too! From ripe, juicy fruits, fresh vegetables, and sweet and savory nut mixtures to raw, dairy-free, creamy ice cream and rich lasagna, made with zucchini, I enjoy a variety of delicious and wholesome foods that tantalize my taste buds, please my tummy, and most importantly, completely nourish my body.

The Desire to Share

I have experienced the positive effects of a raw food diet, enriched with holistic herbs, and have witnessed its transformative effects on the lives of others who I have met and counseled. I want to share the lessons I have learned with countless others. I want people to know that there are permanent solutions to their health woes and weight loss struggles.  

Optimal health and vitality are only a salad away!!