Kiri Cole

Making you healthier one meal at a time 


I won’t get enough protein . . .

First, here are some telling statistics based on the Oxford Vegetarian Study, which was conducted over a 15-year period using more than 11,000 individuals. According to the study, the following are true if you consume meat:

    • Twice more likely to die from heart disease
    • 60% greater chance of dying from cancer
    • 30% higher risk of death from other causes 

Other studies corroborate these findings and also link protein consumption to other diseases, such as osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis.

Note that meat is a dead product, as are the atoms that compose its amino acids, and constantly rots after an animal is slaughtered. Cooking meat further destroys the protein and the amino acids that compose it. Your body cannot constructively use coagulated protein to build cells. Instead, when you eat meat, including chicken and fish, it putrefies and decomposes in your body and in turn generates many toxic substances, some of which are carcinogenic, that act as pathogens that poison your body. Poorly digested meat particles also congest your lymphatic and cardiovascular systems and clog your colon, all of which leads to disease over time.

Eating an assortment of fruits and vegetables, which have a variety of amino acids, provides sufficient protein for your body, while also delivering rich, live nourishment – vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, enzymes, etc. – without the high cholesterol and fat content found in meat and the aforementioned adverse effects.

I won’t have enough energy to workout and stay active eating raw . . .

Raw food naturally contains the enzymes and nutrients necessary to ensure that your body runs optimally. Since raw food provides the live nutrition necessary for the cells and tissues of the body to rebuild and regenerate, your energy will actually increase. ​

People who eat a lot of raw food look emaciated . . .

Demi Moore, Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, Lisa Bonet, Angela Bassett, and Sting, to name a few, all subscribe to a raw diet. Certainly, most would consider these celebrities attractive, fit, and healthy, not weak or emaciated. In addition to these celebrities, several professional athletes follow a raw food diet due to its performance enhancing effects, such as Brendan Brazier - celebrated triathlete, Tim VanOrden - winner of the 7th U.S. Master’s Running Title, Kenneth G. Williams - 3rd at the Natural Mr. Olympia, and James Southwood - international kickboxing champion. Do these individuals appear withered, gaunt, or scrawny? I don’t think so!

My diet will be too boring if I eat mostly raw foods . . .

Eating raw food does not mean that you are restricted to salads and fruits. From raw spaghetti to raw granola, there are a wide variety of scrumptious raw meals available that would delight even the finickiest eaters.

Eating out is impossible if you follow a raw diet . . .

Adhering to a raw diet does not mean that you cannot enjoy eating out. First, most restaurants provide salads, though you may need to eliminate the dressing or other items. If the serving size is small, order more! Second, if the restaurant has a very limited selection of raw greens, steamed vegetables suffice. Most eateries will prepare a vegetable plate upon request. The goal is to adhere to your diet the majority of the time. If you deviate occasionally, your body will not rebel.