Kiri Cole

Making you healthier one meal at a time 

Valentine's Day Recipe for Fun and Healthfulness!!!

Relish the following to experience a joyous and salubrious Valentine's Day:

Raw Chocolate - Do you want to indulge and savor a little chocolate this Valentine’s Day? I suggest that you do! Raw chocolate 
provides many wholesome benefits. Studies indicate that chocolate consumption is inversely associated with high blood pressure and
cardiovascular mortality. Research also shows that it helps decrease LDL or “bad” cholesterol. Moreover, chocolate is linked to lower mortality rates generally.

Chocolate’s health-promoting properties largely derive from its rich flavonoid content. Flavonoids are phytonutrients that act as antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals that can cause cellular mutations that breed severe maladies as cancer and heart disease and impair the immune system. 

While you may acquire some nourishment from adulterated chocolate, processing it destroys most of the chocolate's antioxidants. Rather eat nutrient-dense raw chocolate without reservation. Can you conceive of a better way to fight illness? I cannot!

Red Wine - Enjoy the holiday and celebrate with a glass of red wine! While moderation is prudent, red wine does confer various healthful benefits. Men may want to opt for a glass of vino or two this Valentine’s Day, as research indicates that its consumption can lower the chance of developing prostate cancerStudies also indicate that red wine can reduce cardiovascular disease risk due to the wine’s antiplatelet (reduces the risk of blood clots) and antioxidant benefits. Like chocolate, red wine provides many health benefits that are attributed to the antioxidants it contains. 

Hugs - Give plentiful hugs today! According to researchers at Carnegie Mellon, hugs thwart disease! The study indicated that gestures of social support, such as hugs, provide protection against anxiety and sickness. Just as stressful and negative relationships suppress your immune system, positive social interactions and relations boost it. When study participants were intentionally exposed to the common flu virus, hugs actually reduced the risk and severity of infection. Demonstrate your love today with a warm embrace!

Raw chocolate, red wine and hugs will make your day a brilliant one!