Kiri Cole

Making you healthier one meal at a time 


  • Human body is about 75% water and RAW fruits and vegetables are similarly composed
  • Cooked and processed foods do not contain sufficient water, impeding proper digestion and encouraging further dehydration
  • Dehydration leads to an accumulation of metabolic waste, creating a toxic state in the body that breeds disease - stomach ulcers, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

  • RAW food is replete with enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients to nourish the body
  • More than 70% of valuable nutrition is lost when food is cooked/heated
  • Cooked or "dead" food cannot regenerate and revitalize life in the cells and tissues of the body, remains largely undigested, and leaves the body starved for nutriment
  • Malnutrition leads to dangerous deficiencies that produce disease

Lack of Enzymes
  • Enzymes are proteins that catalyze chemical reactions, such as the digestion of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, etc.
  • All RAW food contains the right amount of enzymes for proper digestion and assimilation
  • Heat used to cook food destroys the enzymes 
  • Lack of enzymes causes improper digestion and leads to the following: (1) Weight Gain - the body stores undigested fats,etc. (2) Malnutrition - devitalized food cannot be properly utilized or broken down causing nutrient deficiencies that breed disease and undermine the immune system 

Impacted Colon
  • RAW foods digest and nourish t​he body and large intestine perfectly, leading to a clean, efficient colon
  • Cooked, processed, refined, and fried foods, as well as those that are microwaved and canned, congest the colon and create toxic waste; as such, they ferment and putrefy, poisoning the blood
  • An impacted colon causes sickness and disease, from migraines to cancer, and premature aging and death
  • Weight problems often begin in the colon as most people carry 40+ pounds of uneliminated waste in the large intestine